An Awesome Christmas Idea

It is time to start thinking about Christmas and how we can help the kids in our ministry and in our own families focus on the things we want them to focus on!  The Christmas Angel is a tool that does just that.

It is kinda like those elves on a shelf, but instead of creating mayhem, the angel leaves instructions for your kiddos with projects or ideas to serve or give to others.  You can get as creative as you like, but it provides a fun way to encourage your kids to be others-centered and Jesus-centered instead of stuff-centered.

My favorite part is that the creators of this project are real life people who are real life parents who have a real heart for Jesus and the gospel.  I am privileged to call them friends and am so proud to see what God is doing through them.

So go visit and create a new family Christmas tradition.  Tell them you read about it on this blog!




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