A Neighborhood Church for the Nations

We recently completed six weeks of a capital campaign where we launched a plan to renovate our current worship center but more importantly to launch a movement of becoming a neighborhood church for the nations. I believe this is a perfect vision for us. We truly are a neighborhood church. Literally, we are surrounded by neighborhoods. There’s no way we could ever build a mega-campus and our parking lot can only hold so many cars. Yet God calls us to continue reaching people. Our vision is to maximize the campus that God has given us and to help rescue and revitalize other neighborhood churches. But God also calls us to the nations. We can’t exist solely for our own neighbors for God has a whole big world that needs the gospel.


I love the vision and am so excited about the future. What I didn’t totally expect was how our church’s children would grab onto the vision. It makes sense to them. It is language that resonates with them and is memorable for them. It gives us language to use as we talk about mission opportunities or as we encourage them to live out their faith.


One mama shared with me that her husband was packing for a business trip. His first grade son said, “Dad, you be sure and spread the gospel while you’re gone. We are a neighborhood church for the nations.” So awesome.


My takeaway from this is that it is powerful when every generation can grab hold of the vision of the church in a meaningful way. These vision or mission statements aren’t just for the grown ups. What can you do to practically connect your church’s vision to the kids in your ministry?

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