5 Ways KidMin Volunteers Can Show Some Love to Parents

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how parents can show love to volunteers.  But, the love needs to go both ways. So, volunteers, it’s your turn.  I know you spend 99% of your time with the kiddos, but connecting with the families is so important.  Kids are not independent.  They come attached to parents who need love as well.

1.  Don’t believe (or repeat) everything you hear from our kids.  Sometimes our kids have big mouths.  Sometimes they have no filter whatsoever.  They have not learned that some topics are off limits for church or for the general public.  Sometimes they also tell things that may be totally out of context or missing some very important details.  Please assume first of all that they may not be telling the whole story. If you have a question about something startling, please ask me, not the person in the pew next to you.

2.  Show us grace.  We probably forgot to study the memory verse.  And bring our Bibles.  And maybe eat breakfast.  And maybe make sure everyone is wearing socks.  Please understand that these things don’t mean that we don’t love Jesus or love our kids.  It just means that we are a little overwhelmed or busy.  Or maybe we just don’t have it together.  Please show my kid grace and please don’t make me feel like I’m failing church parenting 101.

3.  Champion us as parents.  You will have opportunities, especially with older kids, to hear about a disagreement we are having or something I have said “no” to.  And my kid will probably paint a picture of me being totally unreasonable.  You might even agree.  You might even handle the situation differently if it was your kid.  However, please don’t say those things.  The best way you can love my family is have my back.  Be the other voice that says what I say. My kid may actually listen to you.

4.  Love our kids.  Nothing is going to endear me to you more than seeing you truly love my kid.  I know that my kid needs more than just me in their lives.  When I see you invest in my child and seriously take an interest in who she is, you will be a rock star to me and my family.

5.  Use kids’ time well.  Teach them about Jesus.  Make the most of every opportunity that you have with them.  Please text or talk to other grown ups later.  You don’t have them very much and I’m so grateful for the time you spend with them.  Please utilize every minute that you can to build relationship with them and point them to Jesus. 

Parents, what else would you add?

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