Family Advent Launches Dec. 1

Who is this Christmas all about for your family? I know the Sunday School answer is “Jesus”. I also know that personally in our own family there have been years that December has been filled with school events, parties, decorations, buying gifts, concerts, final exams, etc…, that by the time we actually got to Christmas […]

Free Webinar from Gospel@Center

Ministry has a lot of pieces, right? Kidmin especially. There are so many moving parts to think about, so many volunteers to recruit and train, so many supplies and goldfish to stock, and so many games and crafts to prep. It is so easy to lose sight of the center of what we do. Several […]

You Need Friends

If you are in leadership, there is a good chance that you have seasons where you feel isolated. Somewhere along the way someone decided that church leaders in particular must be separated from everyone else. Sometimes that is self-imposed. We need boundaries and sometimes we place them too tightly. Sometimes we are worn out with […]

Neighborhood Children’s Ministry

As we began using our language of “neighborhood church for the nations”, one of my convictions is that there are lots of children who live right around our neighborhood who have no connection to our church. Our church is two blocks from a large elementary school. Here are some of our steps to intentionally connecting […]

A Neighborhood Church for the Nations

We recently completed six weeks of a capital campaign where we launched a plan to renovate our current worship center but more importantly to launch a movement of becoming a neighborhood church for the nations. I believe this is a perfect vision for us. We truly are a neighborhood church. Literally, we are surrounded by […]

Gospel@Center is Coming

I’ve been in kidmin for awhile now. If I’m adding correctly, it has been at least 20 years since my first summer internship at my home church. While I refuse to admit that I’m old, I will admit that you certainly see and learn a lot over two decades of ministry. You see some kids’ […]